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1990 Cold War Airsoft Tactical
03MAR2018 - 04MAR2018

To request approval to attend FCS events contact Sean Cole via the Facebook Group or text 813-215-2221

What is Operation Guantanamo Siege?

 Florida Combat Simulations explores an aspect of airsoft that is for a niche market.  All of our events are set in a historical time period.  This event is one of our Cold War gone Hot series set during a hypothetical Cuban conflict from the years 1989-1990. 

 In summary, Cuba became increasingly concerned about the U.S. presence at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  On December 29, 1989, without the consent of their Warsaw Pact allies, the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces launched an offensive campaign to capture the U.S. held Guantanamo Bay station.  In January of 1990 with the arrival of NATO reinforcements the western powers will contest the territory in and around Guantanamo Bay.

A complete loadout impression that meets requirements to attend can be purchased at a reasonable cost.  It will require you to take some time to research and source all the necessary gear, kit and airsoft weapons.

Use the red buttons below or the taskbar above to navigate to the various pages on our page. We encourage you to join our Facebook group linked in the button below.  Feel free to introduce yourself and ask questions.  We would like to welcome you to join the Florida Combat Simulations family.

Using period correct props, correct loadout impressions, and some veteran leadership who actually served in conflicts during the 1980s and 1990s we are able to bring you an immersive and intense simulated wargame that is unlike many others.  We pride ourselves on attention to detail and creating the most authentic atmosphere we can.

Your experience will be complete with an period correct immersion bivouac site, real period correct military correct vehicles, and a team play goal oriented environment.  We have a small but cult following for these unique events we offer.

To request approval to attend FCS events contact Sean Cole via the Facebook Group or text 813-215-2221

To request approval to attend FCS events contact Sean Cole via the Facebook Group or text 813-215-2221

General Information



--- Saturday 03MAR2018 ---

 - 1400HRS: Registration, training, and planning.

--- Sunday 04MAR2018 ---

  - 0600 HRS: Scenario Launch

  - 1300HRS: Scenario Ends

---- Location ----

DV8 Airsoft Field - 3399 Gina Trail, Lithia, FL

---- Admission ----

This covers camping, props, vehicle cost, tents, and general event expenses.

---- Amenities ----

- Portable Bathroom.

- Limited Electricity, bring a generator or use your car.

- Gas Stations within 5 minute drive.

- Grocery Store within 10 minute drive
- 24 Hour Walmart Within 20 minute drive